Calfskin is our best product in terms of sales, allowing us to enter various market segments. In fact, this type of leather is suitable for men’s, women’s and children’s shoes and leather accessories. At our warehouse, we have calfskin in various types and tones to satisfy all client needs, including:
  • Chrome-tanned half calfskins;
  • Printed calfskins;
  • Tumbled calfskins;
  • Smooth calfskins;
  • Shiny calfskins;
  • Crust calfskins.
  • Crust on calfskins;
  • Coated calfskins.
Particular attention is afforded to the purchase of French "BOX" calfskin leather, which allow us to serve clients looking for high quality. We are always careful to satisfy all client demands and upon request also offer leather treatment services and personalised processes on crust leather, thanks to our active collaboration with specialised tanneries.
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