F.lli Petrocchi Pelli is the result of the desire to continue a family tradition thanks to more than 40 years of experience acquired by Mr. Pasquale Petrocchi in the shoe manufacturing sector and subsequently in the leather industry, which has been passed on to his sons over the years.
Matteo, Luca and Lorenza, armed with all the right instincts and business skills handed down from their father, have maintained and continued to run the business, developing the production of all types of leathers in specific sectors such as clothing, leather goods and above all shoes. They have enjoyed success at both a national and international level, adapting to the needs of a globalised market.
pelli di vitello con concia al vegetale, pelli per borse, pelli per calzature
F.lli Petrocchi Pelli is located in the Marche region, specifically in Montegranaro, one of the most renowned areas in the world for the production of shoes and accessories, where many small artisans and even large-scale, internationally renowned companies can be found.

The company offers a broad range of finished and semi-finished leathers (calfskin, lambskin, sheepskin, goatskin, reptile leather...), from the best Italian and foreign tanneries, guaranteeing carefully selected and quality controlled products. In the event the proposed batches are not sufficient, the company always seeks to find the product most suitable to satisfy client needs. Prior to being sold, leather batches are subjected to a careful selection process by qualified and specialised personnel, in order to guarantee the product's absolute quality. The company is also very attentive to all client needs. Upon specific request, the company offers leather treatments and personalised processes on crust leather, using specialised tanneries with which it regularly collaborates.

The company is committed to offering maximum reliability and professionalism, day after day, elements that have always set the Petrocchi family apart, ensuring their guaranteed success over the course of the years. 
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